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  • The Ritz Community Theatre Props Department is open for rentals and returns by appointment only.

  • Please arrive at your appointment on time or contact us if you are going to be late or miss an appointment.

  • A Deposit check for $100 or 50% of total value of rental (whichever is greater) will be required for all rental/loans. This check will not be cashed except in the case of extreme damage, late return, or failure to observe the rental contract conditions.

  • If you plan to rent large furniture, you must bring enough people to move and load it.

  • You must provide your own rope, straps, and moving blankets.

  • Transportation is the responsibility of the renter.

  • All items must be returned in as good as or better condition as when received.

  • Any alteration must be approved by the Ritz Community Theatre Board in advance on the rental form.

  • Renter/borrower will pay the replacement cost of lost or damaged items.

  • Any rental/loan delinquent after 14 days will lose its deposit.

  • All renters are responsible for restocking their own items under the supervision of the props rental person.

  • We do not loan: loose foliage, dish and glass sets, or any irreplaceable items.

  • The Ritz Community Theatre reserves the right to restrict rentals on items as dictated by in-house needs.

  • The Ritz Community Theatre reserves the right to be unavailable for rental appointments due to in-house production demands.

  • All appointments must be made and confirmed at least 48 hours in advance.

  • You must schedule a rental and drop off appointment time.

  • Failure to abide by the above terms will result in loss of deposit and future rental privileges.



To request rental information please contact

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